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  • Surgery for AthletesSurgery for Athletes

    Surgery for athletes is different from non-athletes as it is performed with the intention of returning the athlete to their sports activity at the earliest.

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  • Joint Preservation SurgeryJoint Preservation Surgery

    Joint preservation surgery is an orthopedic procedure performed to repair and preserve a deteriorating joint causing pain.

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  • Tendon Repair SurgeryTendon Repair

    Tendon repair surgery is performed to repair a torn or ruptured tendon and restore normal function and movement to the joint.

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  • Ligament Preservation/RepairTendon Repair

    Ligament preservation/repair is a surgical procedure to correct and restore a torn or damaged ligament by replacing it with a graft or by removing the injured ends and suturing the remaining healthy ends of the ligament together.

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  • Intra-Articular Joint InjectionsTendon Repair

    An intra-articular joint injection is a non-surgical procedure used to treat pain and inflammation in your joints.

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  • Osteochondral Defect RepairTendon Repair

    Osteochondral defect repair, also known as osteochondral fracture repair, is a surgical method to treat defects due to damaged articular cartilage and underlying bone.

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  • Ligament ReconstructionTendon Repair

    Ligament reconstruction is surgery to reconstruct a torn ligament using a graft or artificial prosthesis.

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  •  American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
  •  American Shoulder And Elbow Surgeons
  • Arthroscopy Association of North America
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