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Charlie Blackmon | UCHealth Sports Performance

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    Comments: Dr. Noonan seems like a really wonderful doctor. He is maybe a little bit more laid back then I wished that he was. I had to tele call with him because I was looking for him to give me you know, definite answers and really guide me and a specific direction and he didn't really do that for me. It was you know, I appreciate that. It's my decision, but if you know I'm asking like I want you to know I want to know what your what your best that and he says I'm great at all types of knee grafts, you know, that's that's not really super helpful. And it was only I mean only sort of kind of towards a hamstring graft for you and you know, you can you can do surgery whatever you want here. There was no like yes, definitely, this is my opinion. Like here's what I here's what I would stay.
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